Emilie and Sarah Barbault, sisters, were born in the french film industry. Emilie was present - in their mother's belly - at the filming of “L’enfant sauvage” by François Truffaut where their dad was a crew member. When she was three months old she played Antoine Doinel's baby - Alphonse - in “Domicile conjugal”, also directed by François Truffaut. Sarah was born during the shooting of “Tout va bien” directed by Jean-Luc Godard (their dad whom was Godard’s producer manager then, spent his time between the hospital and the production office which was nearby). 


From a Brooklyn New Yorker grandmother, a Swiss writer mom, Tootsie Guéra, and a film producer dad, Armand Barbault, Emilie and Sarah, who grew up on sets, and moved a lot between France and Belgium, and a bit in the US, chose to make films. After graduation and several life options - Law school for Emilie, Graphic design for Sarah - the junction was made: cinema. As they waited to make their own films, they both worked on films, TV movies and TV shows.