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Exile / Music video directed by Clarisse Canteloube

Produced by Frederic Alenda (Suburb films)

Director of Photography Hugo Paturel - First Asst. Director & Editing Tamouna Gugulashvili - Location Scout Philippe Alenda  - Unit Manager Denis Jacquey - Color grading Sylvain Canaux - The floating Piano was created by Voël and produced by the company "le piano du lac" - baptiste Bourel Production administrator - Underwater divers : Malcolm Evrard & Piem Grupallo. Locations : Les gorges du Verdon & le lac de sainte croix

Video commissioner : Nathalie Noennec - tôt Ou tard label

Charlie Winston "Exile"  / Documentary - Behind the scenes
directed by Tamouna Gugulashvili


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