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May day / Music video directed by Miles Cable & Aj Favicchio

Choreographer : Galen Hooks

Produced by Frederic Alenda (Suburb films) -  Director of Photography : Miles Cable -  Executive Los Angeles production company : SixTwentySix Productions, Producers : Austin Barbera -  Line producer Virginie Drouot -  French Stylists Stephanie Vaillant Paris & Philippe Uter Los Angeles -  Dancers : Sofia Ghavami : Johnnie Taylor - Trujillo - Kayla Frails Jacque Lewarne - A French Art Director Nicolas Jouanneau (Rock & Cherries Agency) - Project manager Warner Music France : Sophie Chessoux - (c) Warner Music France

L'effet de serre / Music video directed by Roy Raz

Produced by Frederic Alenda (Suburb films) -  Executive Production (tel Aviv) : We Do Productions Production Director of photography : Roman Linsky. -  Production set designer : Samuel David Ben-Shalom  - Model : Eric Mor for Bernard Pm Model Agency (Tel Aviv)

Label Manager Warner Music France : Antoine Gouiffes Yann - (c) Warner Music France

On s'en va / Music video directed by Julien Serri

Produced by Frederic Alenda (Suburb films) -  US Executive Producer Michael Campbell (Soup Factory) - Cinematographer Jacques Ballard. - Camera assistant Austin Alward. -  Stylist Paris Garlone Jadoul. -  Stylist New Orlean Jillian Kreiner -  New Orlean Casting : Liz Coulon -  Editing  : Giles Gardner -  Color grade Arthur Gx Paux -  Sound Design Laurie Xhaard - French Line Producer Patrick Halpine - Locations Lousiana – USA

On Stage / Filmed performance directed by Frédéric Alenda

Edited & Produced by Frederic Alenda (Suburb films) - Dop : Caroline Le Hello - (c) Warner Music france

Shy'm in Los Angeles /  Behind the scenes directed by Frédéric Alenda

Shy'm in Louisiana /  Behind the scenes directed by Frédéric Alenda


Los Angeles

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