Tom Kan is a Japanese director, photographer, and graphic designer based in Paris. Tom began as a freelance designer in the music and print industries which led him to directing music videos and television commercials (cosmetics & cars). He went on to create concept boards and designs for feature films such as The Matrix 2 and 3, Speed Racer, and the recent Cloud Atlas directed by the Wachowski Brothers. His opening title sequence for Enter the Void (directed by Gaspar Noé) was honored by the Art Directors Club of Paris, the SXSW Festival (US), and a number of prestigious design & films magazines. He shares his passion for image teaching photography at Penninghen (Paris College of Visual Arts).



2014 Stratégies Award : Government safety road film campaign : « The Skin » 

2013 German automotive film festival award : safety road film campaign « The motorcyclist »  2010 Art Directors Club of Paris : Best Graphic Design in motion / typography & design Opening title sequence for « Enter the Void »

2010 Special Prize of the Jury @ SXSW Festival, Austin Texas for « Enter the Void »

2010 : Mr. Quentin Tarantino best films list; Opening title sequence for Enter the Void :  “Hands down, best credit scene of the year, maybe best credit scene of the decade.  One of the greatest in cinema history.”

2010 Stratégies photo campaign award : « Perrier » - Ogilvy - Advertising photo campaign award : « Smirnoff »  - Open

1995 LVMH Awards : Best young creatives